Hospitable Prague for Tourists with Disabilities

Prague is a European city with many historic and cultural sites, entertainment centers and quiet corners for privacy. Here you can have a good time as tourists.

The hospitality of locals begins at the airport. With all the forethought of the Czechs, people with disabilities cannot enjoy accessibility everywhere, but they can always count on the assistance in overcoming any obstacles, whether it be an airport terminal staff or just a passenger.

Accessibility of urban transport

You can get from the airport to the hotel, which you can book beforehand, by an accessible taxi. And if it is expensive for you, use public transport then. All Prague trams are accessible to people with limited mobility: they are equipped with ramps, accessible stop request buttons, and a wheelchair space.

Prague hotels

Many hotels in Prague provide conditions for the stay of people with disabilities. In modern buildings, accessibility is fully observed, starting from the accessible parking place and main entrances with no obstacles for people with limited mobility. In old buildings, wheelchair users are offered an additional entrance with no obstacles because such buildings are of historical value, and it is forbidden to change their architecture. However, if the hotel has a room designed for people with disabilities, then it works out every detail, from the width of the doorways and accessible bathroom facilities to the right height of the furniture. The attention of the hotel staff leaves a pleasant impression of the hotel business services in the Czech Republic.

The city's attractions

Going for a walk around Prague you can choose either a trip to the Middle Ages or a visit to the modern part of the city. The New City starts from the Wenceslas Square which opens up the sights of the modern center. The unique complex of passages has unnamed streets and paternoster lifts dating back to the nineteenth century. And once in the Monastery's Paradise Garden, you can visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows.

The Old Town has preserved the original layout of the streets and buildings of the Middle Ages. Don’t forget to make a wish while visiting Charles Bridge – the preserved masterpiece built at that time! Having crossed the Crusaders’ Square, you will find yourself in the heart of Prague – the Old Town Square which has always been the center of social and political events. Enjoying the beauty of the Old Town streets, one cannot help feeling some discomfort while moving along the paving stone. However, a delighting atmosphere of the city smoothes away the unpleasant obstacles, and the people’s benevolent attitude overshadows a seemingly big problem.

Prague's museums amaze with their diversity. Along with the famous museums, tourists visit the Sex Machines Museum and the Chocolate Museum with great interest. Unfortunately, the Wax Museum is not accessible due to its high steps.

Taverns and cafes

Walking along any part of the city, you cannot miss visiting the Czech Tavern serving the world’s famous beer. Of course, you can go to a restaurant and try dishes for every taste, but Czech pubs attract with their medieval individuality. Today they are designed for tourists, as a rule, and locals prefer inexpensive cozy cafes. For example, Choco Café offers 50 types of original chocolate, including the one with chili pepper, as well as waffle wafers with cream, chocolate, and nuts fillings, and many other unusual dishes.  Můj šálek kávy (My cup of coffee), located in the Karlin district, is loved by local gourmets for its versatility. Also, next to the café, there is Vítkov hill offering an unforgettable view of Prague.

In La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise you can try the Czech cuisine cooked according to the 19th-century recipes.

When planning a trip, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the country that welcomes tourists with disabilities. One thing is for sure, the Czech Republic has succeeded in this field, and the attention and hospitality of the locals will make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable.

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