You feel spleen, but at the same time, you are eager to  shake things up and add some fresh note. Wait a minute , maybe a new trip !!! Well, of course , you have three days of the weekend coming up to escape from the hot summer to a cloudy or even rainy place. How about money? About half of my budget I could spend here on a noisy party, but ... As a result, the choice falls either on Sofia or on Prague, or Amsterdam))


Trip to Czechia )

Hello friends , today I'm going to tell you about our absolutely spontaneous and unplanned weekend trip to Prague and Czechia. It was a hot summer day, the sun heated the asphalt like a pan, I came back from my office and realized that today was my birthday but I didn't want to celebrate it at all this year, the air temperature in our region sometimes rises above 40*C with the sea humidity in August. So, all I wanted was to hide in my room with the air conditioner and a book, and not to leave this symbolical orbital station until the heat subsides .. In such conditions, I didn't want to arrange my birthday outdoors .. I felt spleen, but at the same time, I was eager to  shake things up and add some fresh note. Wait a minute , maybe a new trip !!! Well, of course , I have three days of the weekend coming up to escape from the hot summer to a cloudy or even rainy place. What about money? About half of my budget I could spend here on a noisy party, but ... As a result, the choice falls either on Sofia or on Prague, or Amsterdam))

Cool! I only need to consider price, quality and time to return from Prague to reality, which is about 3 p.m. on Monday, when my girlfriend needs to be in her office!! The search for cheap flights on the Internet on specialized sites hasn't brought any results. It turned out not so easy to compare the prices and the tour agencies and quickly find the most suitable tour. Many agencies in my country refuse to work with people with disabilities because we need an accessible transfer , we cannot be pushed into an ordinary bus, also we need hotels with accessible rooms. So, generally, such clients become a sort of a puzzle: first, we need to find out if the city and the hotel is accessible, then we need to find an accessible taxi from the airport, etc., and after that, we need to contact a travel agency and try to book a room, and then call back to the hotel again and ask if the room is accessible)) Sometimes it may take several days. Checks, calls… all this communication is like a Broken Phone game between the hotel and the tour agency)) So I chose Prague in spite of its paved pavements and other stuff, I wanted to get into a fairy tale on my birthday and surprise my girlfriend!! The agency offered me a few accommodation options, I called these hotels and one of them found the room that would suit me. I called my agent, rather the agenstesse, and she requested the flight and hotel confirmation) I've spent a night expecting for the miracle. But in the end, the reply came that there was no confirmation for my hotel. So, my travel agent and I had to keep on searching for a hotel with an accessible room, not far from the center) I was offered the King David Hotel, a kosher five-star hotel a kilometer from the center of the old city of Prague! I was extremely happy, but I could check only if this hotel has an accessible room, or, at least, something without steps and with a fairly large bathroom! I’m calling the hotel, I don’t speak English fluently, they answer me that the hotel is accessible for people with disabilities, but some help is needed and that the staff is always happy to provide it !! At that moment, I was just looking for an opportunity to escape from the heat and did not pay any attention to this message. I only said: "give me an accessible room," neither price nor anything else mattered that moment. I just wanted to fly, to travel again! )


If only I knew I could perfectly find and book a cheap and reliable hotel, accessible for the disabled and elderly people, I would certainly do it, here's a link

 I called back to my tour agency, we waited a few more hours for the confirmation of my booking and, voila, the next day I already had all the documents, my hotel was in the right place near the center of Prague !! Hurray!! I was going to fly by Wizz Air low coast, 


without food , but with comfort and in a suitable time, on Monday I could depart from Prague at 6 a.m. and get to work) Hurray !! We've got almost three days at our disposal, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday , and we fly to Prague and it’s like a dream, pinch me)) I am looking for some articles about accessibility in Prague. But I can find practically nothing but two or three articles where they write not quite flattering reviews about paving stones and ubiquitous steps. However, this doesn’t scare my girlfriend and me, we believe that if we managed to move in Moscow three months ago, we would now manage Prague and we’re like airborne forces, and there are only stars above us! I find information about the mobility scooter tours in Prague, but there are no links to a specific company, then I find out there is a Tourist Information Center and an accessibility map, but there are no links in the articles again) I hope, in this article, I won't forget to attach the necessary links at the end of the text)) As a result, in one of the articles in Czech I found and downloaded the application called Czechia Accessibility Map. Unfortunately, the application turned out to be unpersonallized, inconvenient and useless for me because it was just a list of objects painted in different colours, but dumped in one bunch without categories and descriptions .. We love impromptu, so, I gave up the study of accessibility, we'll always find a way out) Meanwhile, only two days were left before our leaving. So, I began to pack the necessary accessories into my little light blue suitcase. This time I took only the essentials for three days of travel including the medicines I needed, all that I couldn't buy abroad. As a result, all this fitted in such a small and light suitcase that I could even lift it onto my wheelchair and put it on my knees in case I had to! I called the insurance company and bought insurance for us. I advise everyone to do it on any trip, better safe than sorry. I checked my passport, called the airline to warn that a person with a wheelchair would fly, so a special narrow seat to go between the aisles was required. We were going to fly with Wizz Air , they required a confirmation code


to make changes in my ticket. However, since I bought the tickets in the tour agency, I did not have this code, I only had the ticket number. So, I had to spend several hours to call the tour agency to ask for this mysterious code) ) As a result, they answered that they had already made all the necessary changes, and I had nothing to worry about, Ugh)) When I told my friend that we were still flying to Prague, she was slightly shocked, but, on the whole, we were very happy. Although, I did not tell the girl that we would arrive home an hour before the her working Day starts. But it's ok. One step at a time. What really matters now is that a new, unforgettable adventure is waiting for us !! Like in a time machine, other two days have passed by, and now here we go, wr're in the airport !!! We are going from Jerusalem and departing from the Ben Gurion Israeli airport. as we fly low cost,  we depart from Terminal 1, 




the good old airport building) The car can be left in the parking lot for long-term parking, Three days costed me about 40$, and it is much more cost-effective than going to and from the airport by taxi for 60$ one way. And here we are, the parking is next to Terminal 1, two hours are left before departure, we are in a hurry, a porter is carrying the suitcases, I’m exploring the way to the departure hall) We are here, we see a device that allows you to check-in by scanning your passport yourself,on the third attempt, we managed to correctly place the proper passport page with the surname and barcode in the scanner aperture, and now we are choosing places , but the airline decided to give me the seat in the first aisle for my comfort, and my girlfriend was given Aisle 17 )) It’s nice that the company took care of me, but I would rather sit on the 17th aisle with my girlfriend (it’s better to make this questions clear in advance))) Our really nice compatriots let us go ahead of the line to check in. I’m trying to ask the airline staff to give my girlfriend and me the neighboring seats, she refuses in every possible way. I see that we make other passangers wait, so we give up this time as we don't want to make other passengers wait)) Well, it's romantically to sit in different aisles of the same plane and still feel, know that the person is close to you, just in a distance of seventeen aisles). And here we are in the departure lounge of Terminal 1 of the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv , from here we must be transported to the third terminal by bus, 




we are accompanied by a polite airport security officer , it’s a nice feeling to feel safe before you fly away .. We quickly rush to the toilet booths, and as soon as we get out, we are invited by our airport assistant to take the bus to the third terminal) We come up to the first bus and see there's no accessible platform. The assistant looks at us, speaks with someone by radio, and leaves. In a minute the second bus comes equipped with a removable ramp. We joyfully get into the bus, we are alone here, the driver is apparently waiting for someone, we are in high spirits and my girlfriend asks me to dance a striptease, I wheel up to the central pole in the bus handrail and with the help of my hands I take off my ass from the wheelchair and start rotating my pelvis as if I was dancing. I get up with my chair rolling back and keep on dancing with the pole in my hands without any support))


It’s great to have a friend to help , she rolls a chair up to me, and as soon as I sit in it, the bus jerks and starts to move)) The bus safely delivered us to the third terminal, we found our gate , and here I am again, asking to sit us together in the same aisle, we manage to  reduce the distance from the seventeenth to three aisles, now we could hear and see each other, all we needed was to shout and turn our heads a hundred degrees)) Romance and adventure, that’s what takes us out of our comfort zone and makes our brain active and joyful ) Oh yes, boarding the plane was quite easy and smooth. We were taken  directly to the plane by an ambulift. Then I was transported to my seat in an aisle chair. 

     The assistant took my pillow and backpack and helped a lot! My seat was near the window, and I had to crawl through two more seats. In Airbus   301, if my memory serves me right, you can adjust neither the seat handle, nor the seat back. So, I had to perform a couple of dangerous acrobatic moves in order to get into my seat where my girlfriend had already laid my super soft and best pillow Roho with the air system, this is not an advertisement , but you can sit on it for 12 hours without any danger to get bruises or bedsores) And so, gentlemen, we fly, I look out of the window and message my girlfriend, who was a rock climber, by the way.

The rock climber suggested to write an application for a plane passengers to communicate, so that they weren't bored and had an opportunity to meet and go on excursions together at the destination place!! A great idea for a start-up ! ! We fly, some islands float beneath

We can clearly see the sea and the ships. And it seems to me that I can even see sparkling dots on the schools of fish, it seems I've read about it somewhere) I see countries and towns with moorings and sea bays, and I feel ashamed that I paid little attention to Geography at school, and now I can’t say exactly what country we are flying crossing now. I promise to improve my knowledge when I come back home)

 Fortunately , I didn’t need to use the WC for 4 hours , I managed to do it before the flight, the strong guys from the airport assistance took me to a narrow chair, and somehow I did not dare to do the procedure right in the seat, in front of the other passengers. Although, I think, I could cover myself with a plaid, so can you, to pee in a bottle)) "Everything is possible if you really want to" is my favorite phrase. Meanwhile, we are landing at the Vaclav Havel Airport 

 in the nice and very friendly city ​​of Prague, at least for tourists !! Hurray , here we are, met by a delegation of accessible vehicles and assistants to deliver me in a wheelchair to the arrivals hall !! It's a great pleasure to be taken care like that ! ! Everything is top notch ! !

 The airport assistants drove me to the airport building and helped my friend and me get our luggage. Now all we needed to do was to get to the hotel to check in and leave our suitcases !! Hurray !! As I'm in a wheelchair, we can't use a standard transfer. We have to  get to the hotel either by taxi for 30 Euros or by public transport) The rock climber suggests taking the train, subway, or metro. But we have two suitcases,  so we decide to take a taxi anyway!! Vodafone roaming Internet works perfectly here. It's great!! At the airport exit there was a string of pretty Czech taxis, mostly huge and comfortable,  Skoda Superb and we even tried to bargain a little, but no one agreed to take us to the hotel for less than 30 Euros exchanged in the local currency, Czech crowns. We climbed into a back seat of our comfortable and spacious Skoda, the driver put the suitcases into the trunk , and fitted my wheelchair into the front seat, he fastened it up with the seat belt and that was enough! My wheelchair is lightweight and compact , aluminum and carbon, very comfortable when traveling because it weighs about 9 kilograms with wheels and my fragile girlfriend can unhook easily detachable wheels and even put the wheelchair into the trunk! Here I have it, paratrooper. As I feel uncomfortable about the girl having to take care of me in this way, I ask the driver to deal with the wheelchair and put it into the car ) Wow!! We are in Prague , in the back seat of a really spacious taxi, enjoying the view of green trees and the landscapes reminding me some mixture of Moscow and European views !! We are inspired, another fairy tale, our dream is coming true, we are traveling in Prague !!! Another 20 minutes and we are in the city center near our hotel located in an old mansion, which, according to the old-timer, is about 500 years old ! The building impresses with its power , heavy wooden exit doors, majestic architectural style and countless steps reinforced by a red carpet stretching up to ten meters at the front door !! Accessible hotel, really ? ))) 

 Fortunately, we were met by the intelligent hotel staff in white shirts with vests who told us that this old mansion has a separate entrance with no steps!! For reference, they explained us that the building is an architectural monument and in no case is it allowed to change it in any way so as not to violate the integrity of ancient architecture, so it is not possible to attach the elevator in the front door)) Well, we will go through the side entrance)) Here, we were greeted by a friendly guy who helped us overcome three or four steps into the inner sanctum of the ancient building) As we followed the hotel staff, I got what the expressions "partial assistance" and "accessible with an assistance" mean in terms of accessibility. We are inside this European building with thick, reliable, breathable stability, and comfort, full of mysterious stories !! I see clean, warm , comfortable and not thick carpet that does not interfere with the movements of the wheelchair, wooden wall upholstery, gold elevator panels, and mahogany room doors !! The solid building recalls the style of the thirties. With the luxurious , well-trained staff speaking several languages, it makes you feel comfortable and protected from the outside world by thick walls, you feel like in an ancient castle! It was about 6 p.m. when we went into our chic room with a spacious bathroom and WC with a very tricky IT water control system in the bathroom and a mirror on the wall, a very cozy room with a bed and two large windows with wide sills! A bed with an excellent mattress and all possible kinds of pillows, as for me, it was even too much for two people! 

We asked for an accessible room with a bathroom. We have only a shower at home, and I wanted some romance)

In general, all perfectly suited our needs: the width of the door and the height of the bedside table with the espresso coffee machine were perfect) My girlfriend and I really liked the room we got rid of bags ,we lounged a bit on the feather-beds, and finally, rushed out of the hotel to explore the new city on the map of our travels !! Prague!! Paved pavements turned out to be not so big obstacle for my wheelchair, basically, the stones do not protrude too much, and you can sometimes wheel on the roadway. How beautiful Prague is! As I have already said , Europe and some distant notes of the shadow of the great collapsed empire of the Soviet Union are felt here. With glowing eyes, we gaily glanced around and rushed towards the old city.It wasn't dark yet, we did not want to sleep and we were hungry, but happy! In 10-15 minutes we were already in the old city , the weather was perfect in mid-August and it was quite easy to move on our own, it was about 20*C, and soon a very fluffy, slightly noticeable drizzle began to pour, but it was slightly noticeable and even pleasant sometimes.We just walked along the streets, getting closer and closer to the center with the Astronomical Clock,

town hall, and fabulous European buildings located there. Suddenly, in one of the narrow streets we noticed a red sign of the Sex Machines Museum)

Before arriving in Czechia, I'd heard about this place, and we decided to definitely see this miracle with our own eyes, but on the ground floor on the way to the hall with prostitutes' stockings of the early twentieth century

we encountered three steps))) Two cute Czech young ladies from the museum staff offered to get me together with my wheelchair to the first room. But I refused proudly saying that the girls shouldn't carry me in their hands because my girlfriend is too jealous)) All in all, several male tourists took me up the stairs, and then we had no problems. All three floors were accessible with an old elevator in the company of an employee of the Sex Machines Museum) The chastity belts,

anti-masturbation devices for teenagers, and the cycling stimulator with the dildo

were especially impressive ) ) A general atmosphere in the museum was in the style of S&M.

It was very funny

everyone smiled and laughed while taking pictures with strange toys)

We stayed for about an hour there. On the ground floor we again found tourists who helped me downstairs .. Then, if I’m not mistaken, we came across a square with the pedestal to the Soviet armored troop-carrier and the remains of the Wall 1968.

I refreshed my memory, when Czechoslovakia decided to change its course from being a Soviet republic to becoming an independent country, it was full of tanks. .. For this reason some people here don’t like Russian. To be honest, we ourselves weren't enthusiastic about the policies of the Soviet Union! It was strange a bit to see all this: tourists taking pictures with the Soviet armored troop-carrier that served a memory that as a result of this uprising the Czech people got a new round in their culture and even a greater desire to become independent .. All this is interesting for sure, but we are hungry. I am so hungry that I would eat anything and anywhere. But my girlfriend is a rock climber, she’s very pedantic or rather creative

in food and drinks, for her the surroundings, energy and aura of the place are important, if I may say so. And, on the one hand, it seems a little strange when you really want to eat but follow your friend's desire to find  a special place, and, eventually, stay grateful for her choice.

So friends, it' drizzling, it is getting dark, and we are make our way through the crowd of tourists to the town hall. It is very beautiful here , but thoughts about food are chasing us, and the cafes around do not offer any exclusive Czech food. We can see only steak houses and the like. So,we wonder from on street to another looking for an authentic restaurant where the Czechs like going to drink beer and eat. The paving stones are getting bigger and harder to move in my wheelchair, the girl is nearly panicing - Where have I brought you?! You probably really want to eat)). I reassure myself that we'll soon find out where these very original Czechs are hiding from annoying tourists. A mysterious pub suddenly appeared on our way, but it looked Irish and some strong English guys wanted to lower me downstairs at all costs. In Prague many pubs are located in the basements, usually with 20 or so stairs) The guys were very welcoming and strived to help, but they were pretty drunk, so we did not dare to accept their offer, but we managed to talk with a sweet and friendly bartenderess who told us where we can find the mysterious authentic cafe covered with a veil of mysticism )) She advised us to go to “ U zlateho tigra ”

She said, "Go right , then 9 minutes left, there you'll see the Swarowski store , from there turn again right on the road with large paving stones and keep on going straight for another 5 minutes, and you will see the signboard..." As I see, people from Eastern Europe like to explane how to get somewhere in the following way: "10 minutes on a bad road, then turn left))" It is natural that we got confused and I was starting to get angry when it turned out that there were more than one Swarovski store in the city center , and we came to the wrong place . The seller of the store kindly gave us a map of Prague and with help of Google Maps we found the exact address and kept on looking for the mysterious Golden Tiger)) Soon the phone's battery became low, and we were left with the most reliable option, a paper map, it's nice to wander through the ancient streets without any navigating equipment feeling like a pioneer with the simplest device) After some 15 minutes, we lost any hope but suddenly we noticed a sign with an antique tiger on the left dark wall !! Hurray!! We were extremely happy !! Finally we'll satisfy our hunger ! !

There was quite a high threshold, so the rock climber went for help inside the bar ! She returned a little embarrassed and blurted out: "Now someone will come out and help us but, you know , there is a hard smoke, it's hard to hear something, and a huge number of people are sitting at simple wooden tables!" "It's OK!"

I said, and we moved to the heart of Czech beer culture !! As it used to be, the threshold was overcome with the help of welcoming guys) It was very noisy inside, like in a stadium where football fans were chanting about a goal just scored !!! It wasn't frightening , on the contrary, the place was full of energy, people who didn't know each other sat on the long benches at the simple wooden tables facing each other and talked vigorously, shouting over the crowd, and no one was alone here with their gudget, all the visitors were together, communicating with each other !! It was a true Czech tradition, a true local color to sit at huge long tables facing each other. The proportion of men to women was about 9 to 1)) The man next to us was just caught by his wife, and a little embarrassed he slipped off for another glass of beer, then, in half an hour, his wife left)) In front of us there sat two or three Poles, there we saw one Scandinavian who seemed to become lost in the crowd and very embarrassed in this noisy chaos, he looked so lost and lonely that he practically hid his head under the table like an ostrich, and we decided to get ecquainted with him and talk a little.

So we failed to run away from tourists. Moreover,  there were two guys in the bar who flew the same flight to Prague with us)) All these people were looking for an authentic Czech bar to feel and look like the true locals. The Czechs, meanwhile, lived their own life discussing things vigorously! The Scandinavian's name was Eiko, he traveled alone , a handsome modest guy even showed us a Swedish set of penknives. Chatting with the Poles, we tried to speak their native language and sing their national patriotic song “ Polish Army is Indestructible ” !! I completely forgot to tell you about food and beer ! As soon as we sat at the table, a respectable male waiter (in Prague, almost all the waiters are aged, sedate men) brought us two beers

and put a piece of paper on the table next to us on which he drew two dashes, so the waiters know how many mugs of beer you ordered, and the visitor himself, when gets a little drunk, can understand by the number of the dashes that it’s probably not worth ordering one more mug) I noticed people had as many as eight or nine such dashes, but for us three Pilzners were enough .

I really wanted to eat , but there wasn’t much food here. So I took a tasty sausage, and my girlfriend (she doesn’t eat pork) found something with the words "beef steak" and "Tatar")) It seemed to me that it should be tasty... beef, beef steak and Tatar... But to our great surprise, the waiter brought my friend the wooden dish with the ball of raw minced meat with the raw yolk on the top and some pepper and various spicy seasonings around. Also, he brought a plate of fried croutons with the cloves of garlic  ! !

  My girlfriend accepted the challenge and ate this exotic dish , I tasted it too, if was quite tasty, so I promised to learn to cook it at home))

Having got acquainted with an authentic bar, we hurried home. At the exit friendly and very funny Czechs helped us again, and we even took pictures with them , everyone had fun and felt a kind of European unity ! It was easier to go back even though it was quite far away, and after the beer I really wanted to go to a WC, but I didn’t find anything like that in the dark streets, so we got to the WC in some jazz restaurant on whose door it  was written that the entrance was free for the restaurant guests, and for 20 crowns for casual passers-by)) Naturally, we didn't pay, and no one pursued us)) Having relieved myself, I cheered up noticeably, and after a while the paving stones seemed more tolerable, and we again found ourselves in the town hall, with the Astronomical Clock.

Night tourists

and locals were sitting in the circles and drinking beer  right in the central square ! !! They were cute and friendly, I did not want to leave, but we needed to have a good sleep, so we used Google MAPS to get to our hotel King David and slept till the morning on oura posh bed with plenty of pillows and feather! And so ended the first day of our glorious stay in Czechia !!

The second day we walked to the center, but today we went farther, to the Charles' Bridge and beyond. Our morning began with a pride parade that was vigorously celebrated in the city center, we filmed a piece of this festivity. We could feel the impressive breath of old Europe, everyone was having fun, the marching  people threw lubricated condoms into the audience. Not all the people with happy smiles and rainbow-colored hairstyles seemed to be gays , rather they were just teenagers striving for a riot, with a desire to support something informal that doesn't fit into canons. It was a pleasant surprise , and then we went to the center, we tried to go to the Museum of Medieval Torture, but unfortunately, or fortunately, we could not get down to the holy chamber of torture in the basement, we were good with listening to the moans from the dungeon))

The Wax Museum wasn't accessible but the Chocolate Museum located a stone's throw in the center was fully accessible and sweet.

We even were about to buy chocolate breasts,

young tourists were so crazy about them)) A huge selection of Belgian chocolate and a variety of shapes and brands won't leave anyone indifferent . Next we went to Charles' Bridge,

it’s about 15 minutes walk from the Astronomical Clock if you move straightforward. The pavement was quite doable if you don't rush, besides there are fairly wide wheelchair-friendly paths! Charles' Bridge was quite hard to wheel on, there are large stones and a rather steep climb. But we managed it, and finally we are here, on the mystical and romantic famous Charles Bridge !!

The bridge is very very ancient and wide, and on the both sides shopkeepers offer to buy various souvenirs,

metal jewelry and wooden products . . The prices, of course, are much higher here because they are for tourists)) I advise everyone to slowly walk along this magical bridge and feel the atmosphere,

enjoy the view of ancient sculptures , and touch the ancient stones of the ceilings,

and souvenirs can be bought cheaper elsewhere)) The length of the bridge seemed to be at least 700 meters ,

it offers a wonderful view of Prague,

so that you feel as if you got into an antique fairy tale!

We passed the entire bridge in one breath and moved down the street farther

in the search of WC. About a hundred meters from the bridge we found it in a very nice restaurant , they didn’t refuse us and didn't take 20 crowns for it, they were very nice! We continued to explore the streets of Prague, but soon became hungry and noticed an original Pilsner Urquell beer restaurant. There  we were told that this brand is the best beer in the world and suggested something to eat in addition to the drink!! We ordered a quarter of a turkey for my girlfriend and a quarter of a pork knuckle for me.

We were very happy , it was enough for us, many tourists ordered the whole turkey or the whole knuckle, and didn't know how to eat this all)) The waiter should ask you whether you want a whole, a half or a quarter, but I've often heard they don’t do this, so you better warn them beforehand)) I should honestly admit, it was the extremely delicious and best beer in the world.

I believe you should drink Czech beer in Prague in order to merge and feel the whole atmosphere of this incredibly beautiful and kind city! After libations

and a plentiful dinner we were reluctant to return to the hotel on foot, so we decided to go by tram ! ! Hurray ! ! Trams are accessible for people with disabilities, so we planned a route using Google Maps: several stops by Team 22, then we needed to change for Tram 9)) You need to buy tickets in the tickets box at the tram stop, tickets are sold depending on the time you are going to spend on a trip, well, let's say, you can buy a ticket for 15 or 30 minutes, or for an hour) We took tickets for half an hour, and it was enough for us even to change the tram! !

Upon the arrival of our tram, I waved to the driver and he immediately came out and unfolded the ramp , we got to the tram without any problems and stood in a wheelchair space opposite the exit. There is a special button with the sign of a wheelchair. You need to press it before your stop, the driver will come out and unfold the platform!

How happy were we when after 20 minutes on public transport we were in a two-minute's walk from the hotel , we were glad to save money by not taking a taxi! We went to a store to buy some beer and talked with the owner who was the Vietnamese speaking Russian and English fluently , he has been living in Czechia for about 20 years and is very satisfied !   We returned to the hotel and fell asleep extremely happy ! ! 

   The third day in Prague ) )

The third day was interesting because we went to the most unapproachable Karlstejn Castle.

We got there by a fully accessible train, hurray !! Our hotel was a stone's throw from the railway station where the porter from the hotel took us , the hotel staff kindly helped us find the time and place the trains to Karlstein depart from ! The service and attitude of people around were at the highest level, everyone tried his best to help us ! Upon our arrival, the railway station assistant helped us get to the elevator to the platform and led us to our train. He talked to the conductor and we were pulled out the platform and found ourselves in a special, very comfortable carriage with good accessible WC and large windows from which we enjoyed the views of forests and cozy houses all the way !   Upon our arrival the assistant with the automatic elevator platform met us and helped to get off the train !!

In Karlštejn, it was a little bit difficult to get to the castle because the way up turned out to be very long and steep. Fortunately, near the castle there was a nice village with a huge number of shops with Bohemian glass, antiques, ceramics and mead. We had a great time and even looked into the Museum of Christmas and Bethlehem where we saw the medieval compositions

with moving figures of the fairy, the magi, and the little Jesus .. Actually, Jerusalem and the Middle East looked different from the way they were represented by European architects.

The knights

brought to Czechia six-pointed Star of David and mixed it all with Christian symbols, it turned out pretty interesting . We talked with the museum caretaker, and she explained that the inhabitants of the mountainous region of Karlštejn kept their peculiar faith mixed with paganism and Christianity, and somewhere on the mountain near the castle they have their own, special local temple!

We met the artist who moved to Karlstejn from Moscow, tried on the helmet of a Czech soldier, and on the way back watched the fans of air balloons rushing into the sky with cheerful exclamations !!

We had schnitzel and beer for lunch in the railway café and returned home by train. Good-natured Armenian emigrants helped us get on the train , very nice guys !! So our vacation in Prague came to an end , and at 3 a.m. we were already at the Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. The airport assistants were very helpful. They led and got us on the plane. Though this time we got into trouble with an ambulift, two healthy guys brought me in their arms up the plane ladder !! On the way back we sat together on the plane, and my girlfriend slept for two hours on my shoulder ! !

We had a great trip and birthday celebration, and now we are looking for a new destination, for the next trip !!