People with disabilities can easily visit developed countries. There are all possible options for a comfortable stay of people of different social categories. Today, the major cities of Russia are developing in this direction and implementing projects on the accessibility of urban facilities for people with limited mobility. 

Moscow is a city of great opportunities for work and leisure. Millions of tourists visit the capital annually. It is comfortable for people with mobility issues. Beginning with train stations and airports, accessibility for wheelchair users is being upgraded, including handrails, lifts, wide entrances and so on. 

Transport for citizens and guests of the capital 

Accessible for disabled transfers and excursions in Moscow

Transport in Moscow provides convenient conditions for the use of people with disabilities. Modern transport has wide doors and ramps. Unfortunately, not all public transport vehicles meet these conditions, but the city administration and transport companies are on the way to this, and today new projects are being introduced for the convenience of handicapped citizens and guests of the capital. 

Moscow metro stations have lifts installed for people in wheelchairs, and wall hanging signs and illuminated information signs installed for people with vision and hearing impairments; there are instruction icons on escalators explaining how to read the signs. There are schemes and instructions explaining how to use the metro facilities in the carriages of electric trains, and the new-model trains are equipped with illuminated information devices. 

Comfortable hotels for city guests 

Modern Moscow hotels greet their guests with disabilities with comfortable rooms providing accessible accommodation. People in a wheelchair can move freely not only along wide corridors but also in spacious rooms and bathrooms. Hotels that accept people with limited mobility provide parking places on their territory as close to the building as possible. By the way, most buildings of the capital have such parking places. 

Accessibility of cultural attractions for people with limited mobility 

Tourists visiting the capital have great opportunities for leisure. Moscow is famous for its ancient architecture and cultural heritage. The authorities strive for a civilized development of the city. Therefore, most of the museums, theaters and other leisure facilities are equipped with all sorts of devices and mechanisms for people with disabilities to move freely and securely. However, some museums remain not modernized, because historical sites are considered to be the cultural heritage and their reconstruction is prohibited.  

The State Historical Architectural Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve “Tsaritsyno” is totally accessible. In the museum, you can enjoy the exterior architecture and relax in the lounges. People with disabilities have access to all the museum rooms with numerous exhibits. Any visitor can get to any part of the building without any obstacles on the way. 

The Municipal Museum of Local Lore “The House on the Embankment” has no its own territory; however, its spacious rooms with interesting exhibits await their guests. Its entrance, as well as some of its halls, is accessible. Unfortunately, not all the halls can be visited in a wheelchair.

The Tretyakov Gallery is definitely a “must-visit” place. I became accessible in 2014, after the implementation of the project “The Road Together”. It is technically impossible to widen the lifts in the Tretyakov Gallery, so it was decided to purchase wheelchairs which can easily fit in the gallery lifts. All the halls are equipped with ramps allowing people to move in a wheelchair without any problems. 

People with limited mobility who prefer to visit cultural places are welcomed in the Municipal Museum of Local Lore “The House on the Embankment”, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Ermolaevsky Lane, the Gallery in Peschanaya, the Exhibition Hall “Hodynka”, the State Exhibition Hall “Bogorodskoe”, the Museum of Retro Cars and in many other cultural places of the capital. 

Anyone who is into theatrical performances would love to visit: 

  • The Theater “Zazerkalye (The Looking Glass)”. It provides a wheelchair lift at the service entrance. 

  • The Theater “Dolls”. Its performances take place in various theaters of the city. Often it shows performances for children with vision and hearing impairments. The actors work with the help of plastics, dolls and sign language. The theater repertoire is designed for an adult audience as well. 

  • The Mikhailovsky Theater is equipped with wheelchair lifts operated by a specially trained staff. There is an accessible restroom. Two seats for people in a wheelchair are available in the stalls for each performance. 

  • The Theater “Workshop” has one low step at the entrance door, but the rest of the space is accessible. There is an accessible restroom too. 

Cafés without limits 

Having visited cultural and leisure places, the question “where to find an accessible café?” arises. You can enjoy a tasty dinner in a cozy atmosphere, listen to pleasant music and chat with friends or new acquaintances in any open-air restaurant or café in Moscow. In bad or cold weather the restaurants “Empire”, “Monument”, “Chekhonte”, “Benvenuti”, “El Asado”, “Nedalniy Vostok (Not Far East)”, “Devzira”, “Vienna Cafe and many others are at your service. There you can taste the national cuisine of various countries and enjoy fragrant wine. 

Shopping accessibility

As a rule, large shopping centers of the capital are situated in modern buildings that meet the accessibility requirements for all the categories of disabled people. Therefore, shopping in such centers is accessible to all. There you can visit a cafe, cinema, entertainment areas, etc. 

Moscow is a hospitable city and is always happy to warmly welcome its guests. The city makes great efforts to make cultural facilities and services accessible and comfortable for people with disabilities. Very little time will pass and there will be no inaccessible places in the city. 

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