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Our products:
o    Manual wheelchair
o    Electric wheelchair
o    Mobility scooters
o    Walkers
o    Shower commode chairs
o    Electric bed
o    Hoists with or without slinging
o    And more...

*(delivery and collection to be considered in Rome area - please always verify with our Staff before quoting)

manual wheelchair (price per day)60,00€
manual wheelchair extra days rental24,00€
manual wheelchair delivery & collection in Rome*112,00€
electric wheelchair (price per day - min required 10 days)36,00€
electric wheelchair delivery & collection in Rome*149,00€
electric scooter (price per day - min required 5 days)51,00€
electric scooter delivery & collection in Rome*172,00€
shower commode chair (price per day)60,00€
shower commode extra days rental24,00€
shower chair delivery and collection in Rome*112,00€
hoist (price per day)24,00€
hoist delivery & collection in Rome*125,00€
walker (price per day - min required 7 days)13,00€
walker delivery & collection in Rome*101,00€
mattress raiser (price per day)36,00€
mattress raiser delivery & collection in Rome*125,00€
electric bed (price per day)48,00€
electric bed delivery & collection in Rome*248,00€

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