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Larnaca – the name seems to have come from the many ancient sarcophagi located here, from the Greek “Larnaca” – is the Mediterranean destination for budget tourism, suitable for those who seek relaxation that would combine a mild climate, sandy beaches, and centuries-old history! According to a legend, this city was founded by the descendant of Noah himself, and later Zenon the Sage, a founder of the Stoics philosophical school, lived there. Also, it is the land of Saint Lazarus, a friend of the son of man, Jesus, who was resurrected by him for a new life. Be sure to visit the Church of St. Lazarus. Far from hustle and bustle, you will feel tranquility and tranquility on the coast of the gentle Mediterranean Sea, ideal for the relaxation with family and children because the sea is calm and shallow. This city is also suitable for older people who want to relax in comfortable hotels on the sandy bay accessible for any tourist. You can book a hotel room that is fully accessible for you in all respects here. Just 4 hours from Moscow, 5 hours from St. Petersburg and only 40 minutes of flight from Israel will take you to a fuss-free world and will allow you to restore vitality and gain mental and physical strength in a combination of clean sea air and interesting excursions, and exquisite Mediterranean dishes rich in seafood. You will find a collection of the most comfortable restaurants and cafes in Cyprus from our users here. The best time to visit these places is from May to the end of October, and the temperature of water these months varies: in May it is 20ºC, in August it is 26ºC, and in October it is 24 ºC! It’s the Earthly Paradise, especially taken that it’s quite inexpensive. Larnaca International Airport, accessible for everyone, including elderly and disabled people, is very close to the city! We can book either an accessible or regular transfer for you.

     Air-conditioned public transport is accessible for everyone: it is equipped with ramps and wheelchair spaces for a comfortable transportation of elderly people.

     You can also use taxi services. Here taxis are similar to limousines, they have three rows of seats, and all are Mercedes. When you get to the place you will find that Larnaca seems to consist of two parts: a delightful coastal village with its wonderful promenade, and bars and cafes, where you can stroll along the winding streets enjoying a local Mediterranean color without tourist shops and stalls, and the other part, with many tourist apartments located along the coastline with its accessible beaches, a variety of restaurants and cafes with delicious mostly Mediterranean cuisine, oh, that’s a honey! Mmmm, and if you go further into the second part, you will find here quite a European city with its boutiques and shops.

Larnaca is the largest port of Cyprus with many cruise lines that transfer tourists from Europe and the UK.

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Accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities:

Public Transport - Accessible buses with ramps, special seats, and seat belts.

Airports - Fully accessible for the elderly and disabled. Conveniences:

- Accessible toilets.

- Charging points for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs in the arrival and departure halls.

- Ramps allowing you to get on and off the buses.

- Additional airport assistance and assistants.



In 2007, the Cyprus Parliament approved and introduced the use of a specially designed for the elderly and disabled people European Blue Badge for parking available all over the island, both on public roads and parking areas.

For additional information you can contact the Service for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled via phone (+357) 22 406 406, or via e-mail:

Inside and outside of the city

Most cities in Cyprus are accessible for electric scooter and wheelchair users, but much work is yet to be done to improve accessibility. Therefore, the government recommends that people with disabilities and the elderly still use the help of assistants or accompanying people in order to be completely confident in a barrier-free movement. On our website, in the “Guides” section, you can find accompanying people, guides, and volunteers. Also, you can become a volunteer or local guide in your city.



There are many accessible beaches for the elderly and disabled both on the island itself and in Larnaca. You can easily understand if the beach is accessible by the Blue icon.

LARNAKA (8 beaches) Larnaka:

Phinikoudes (accessible with a beach wheelchair),

McKenzie (accessible with a beach wheelchair),

Kastella (accessible with a beach wheelchair).

Voroklini: Yiannathes (accessible with a beach wheelchair).

Alaminos: Municipal Beach (accessible with a beach wheelchair).

Ormideia: Municipal Beach (accessible with a beach wheelchair).

Pyla: Municipal Beach (accessible with a beach wheelchair).

Pervolia: Faros (accessible with a beach wheelchair).

You can also find a complete list of Cyprus fully or partially accessible for the elderly and disabled beaches here.


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Accessibility for wheels

Access for Seniors

For Hearing Impaired

Larnaca is a city located on the southern coast of Cyprus. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and vibrant culture. Larnaca is also an accessible city for people with disabilities and seniors, with a range of facilities available to make their stay comfortable. Transportation: Larnaca has a modern bus service that includes buses equipped with ramps for wheelchair users. The city also offers taxis with wheelchair accessibility. Accommodation: Most hotels in Larnaca are equipped with accessible facilities, including ramp access, wide doorways, and accessible bathrooms. Visitors can choose from a range of accommodation options, including hotels, apartments, and villas. Attractions: Larnaca offers a range of accessible attractions that are suitable for people with disabilities and seniors. The city’s beach promenade is accessible, with wheelchair ramps and paved pathways. The Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, the St. Lazarus Church, and Larnaca Salt Lake are all accessible attractions. Restaurants: Many restaurants in Larnaca are equipped with ramps and accessible bathrooms. Visitors can find cafes, restaurants, and bars that cater to different dietary requirements and preferences. Shopping: Larnaca offers a range of shops, including malls, boutiques, and markets. Most shops are accessible, with wheelchair ramps and wide doorways. Medical Support: Larnaca has modern medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. These facilities are equipped to meet the needs of people with disabilities and seniors. Overall, Larnaca is an accessible city for people with disabilities and seniors. The city offers a range of facilities, including accessible accommodation, transportation, attractions, and medical support. Visitors can enjoy their stay in Larnaca without worrying about accessibility issues.