Villa Adriana–Tivoli


start point: Rome  
end point: Rome  

1  days  4  hours

Please note for this tour the wheelchair user has to rent special wheelchair for inaccessible sites. The site is not accessible with manual or electric wheelchair or mobility scooter.
Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli is one of the Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Built under the request of the Emperor Hadrian, who actively participated in the design of the entire building, the Villa is a monumental complex of buildings that even today continues to show the enormous power of Ancient Rome.
The villa was built on a much broader area than the site of Pompeii.
It was built between 118 and 138 A.C. and it is approximately collocated near the city of Tivoli. Moreover, the villa is full of architectural innovations, designed to surprise and enchase guests of the time and visitors today.
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