The special wheelchair


start point: Rome  
end point: Rome  

1  days  1  hours

This special wheelchair is highly recommended in specific locations, where the wheelchair path it’s not provided by the site itself, or doesn’t cover the entire surface. For example:
•    Colosseum and Imperial Rome
•    Villa of the Quintilii
•    Ancient Ostia
•    Appian Way Park
•    Bath of Caracalla
•    Tivoli Villa Adriana
•    Montecassino
•    Castel Sant’Angelo
•    Pompeii
Using a seat and frame with only one wheel, plus two arms in the front and back to support the chair when not in motion and allow for movement up or down hills, special wheelchair is easily rolled and carried by two trained assistants.
360° degree maneuverability around obstacles such as stones, holes, and steps, shock absorbers under the chair, a comfortable seat, and two arms in the front and in the back to support the chair when not in motion, allows special wheelchair riding smooth, and give visitors the chance to safely visit the country’s ancient and most precious archeological sites.

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