Adapted for wheelchairs and visually impaired tours in Paris


4  hours

Adapted for wheelchairs and visually impaired tours in Paris guided by a fantastic Paris Guide with a unique guiding experience. Skip the line tour of the Orsay Museum, Skip the line tour of the Louvre Museum., About Paris, and more and more. You can reach me by WhatsApp at +33663266355 or by email at Paris is the city described in novels by Alexandre Dumas and Honoré de Balzac. Paris is the city of light, love, and thousands of sounds, tastes and fragrances. Walking along the streets of Paris, you read the pages of its history as if you would read a book - from the Middle Ages to the majestic XIX century, and after to the bohemian XX century. It is the city filmed by Woody Allen and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. In this city, you will find the luxury of royal squares, the greatness of Haussmannian architecture, and the commonness of high-rise houses. Only here do modern boutiques adjoin Arabic shops, which sell souvenirs or exotic fruits. ​ In every street, you can find a great diversity of bakeries, enticing with the aroma of freshly baked bread, or little cheese shops, where you can quickly try a piece of cheese that you saw in the shop window. Walking through the streets of Paris, you should have a rest on the terrace in any street restaurant, with slow and unfriendly, at first glance, waiters. It is a pleasure to order your favourite drink, look at people walking in the street, and feel like a Parisian. If you are looking for silence and privacy, you will easily find such places in Paris. Usually, they are hidden from the eyes behind building facades and branchy trees. ​ You will be fascinated by Paris public gardens and parks with playing children and slowly walking elderly couples. You will be inspired by its galleries, where street musicians play, by its promenade, where there is a fantastic view of the slow and sometimes erratic Seine. You can ask me - what time is the best to visit Paris? I cannot give you any advice… Each weather type has its charm. I invite you to visit Paris. This city has no lousy weather because Paris is extraordinary in each weather type. In summer, Paris is a colourful, crowded and dancing city; in autumn, it is more relaxed, with people enveloped in oversized scarves; in Christmas time, Paris is fabulous, with colourful lights of garlands and sweet aroma mandarins. I have lived in Paris for 17 years - maybe, it is not a lot, but, I am sure, it is enough to call this city mine! Paris is my city! I offer you the relaxed atmosphere for classical visits to Paris. Any walking tour will become an unforgettable experience for you with a positive and open-minded guide. You do not need a long lecture about one or another monument; you need an artist with whom the time will go very fast. If you are looking for a person like this - do not wait: call me or send me your messages. I guarantee the original, personal approach for adults and children! I have many years of experience and a sense of humour, which allows me to improvise and adapt to my client's interests. If you do not want to use a standard itinerary, write to me and explain your preferences - I will prepare a perfect program, especially for you.

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