Old Arbat

History and Modernity


4  hours

Arbat is a street that used to connect two fortresses: White City and Earth City; and now there are two rings: Boulevard and Garden. This is one kilometer of Russia, which every citizen of our country knows. The fates of great people are connected with Arbat. Here they lived, created, created... 

This is not the oldest street, not the most important, not the longest, or the widest, what is its secret? 

You will learn this on the tour "Old Arbat: Mysteries and Mysteries."

During the tour of Arbat we will see:

A unique wooden house that won a prize at the World's Fair in Vienna;

A house with knights;

The home of the future;

- a church depicted in the painting "Moscow Courtyard" and much more.

During the tour of Arbat you will learn:

Where Alexander Suvorov was born;

The enigma of the subway;

Why does the whole country know about Arbat Street;

- where Cheburashka and Crocodile Gene were born 

and more.

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