Walk at the Kremlin Walls


start point: Metropol Hotel  

4  hours

Battle of the chimes of the Spassky Tower, the walls with loopholes in the form of swallow tails, the King-gun and the King-bell ... What else do we know about the Kremlin? We live in a time when "White and Red" is a wine shop, and Kalyaev is a seller of fur coats.

On the tour you will learn:

Why Kalyayev, Esser Kalyaev, refused to live;

What Saint Elizabeth brought him;

What is the result of poor knowledge of the city?

What are the two main guides of the Russian man;

- How did any journey of Muscovite begin;

- how Muscovites saved elephants from the cold;

- about seven attempts on the tsar and one on the Secretary General;

- about the monument to Robespierre;

Where the Kremlin had a train station;

- about the "goldmines" and the illumination of Ogarev;

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Price: 5000 RUB