In search of

the Pokrovgates...


5  hours

Pure Ponds is the most romantic place in Moscow, which is reflected in painting and poetry.  In the 17th century there were gardens here. Vegetables from them were supplied to the royal and patriarchal palace. 

Now the Garden suburb is a cozy area with charming courtyards, where wooden houses, already so rare in Moscow, are still preserved. It is a quiet, extraordinarily beautiful, picturesque and cozy corner of Moscow, decorated with weeping willows and crystal clear water of ponds, about which Igor Talkov once sang brilliantly. 

Brave Chistoprudny boulevard with adjoining alleys keeps a lot of stories, which can be learned, once on poetic ponds and, of course, looking into the lovely Moscow courtyards. Then we will walk on the Cover and finally find out where the Pokrovskaya Gate and much more have gone.

On the tour you will learn and see:

Where A.S. Pushkin spent his childhood, and why he later "settled" Tatiana Larin a place here;

How the Gout Ponds turned into Pure Ponds;

Where Griboedov wrote his "Woe";

What do Kuzma de Medici and Joseph Stalin have in common;

Why during the war there were no stops at the Clean Ponds metro station and what was in its place in the early 20th century;

That united N.K. Krupskaya and M.A. Bulgakov;

What were the Pure Ponds until the early 18th century;

The secret of the charm of Pure Ponds, a favorite place of lovers;

For what purpose was created the Stone Order, located in the chambers of the 17th century;

Where animals live in unprecedented beauty.

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