On Peace Avenue in the Pharmacy Garden


5  hours

In this tour we will remember in detail the history of Sukharev Square, the Meshchansky suburb, get acquainted with the most interesting buildings on The Avenue of the World (until 1957 - 1st Meshchanskaya Street). From the 12th century it was the road to Yaroslavl. At the end of the 17th century, at the beginning of the street there was a Meshchansky suburb (hence its former name). In 1706, at the initiative of Peter I, a pharmacy garden was created here. We will pass on one of the first highways undergoing reconstruction under the master plan of development of Moscow in 1935. Reconstruction of the street began immediately after the site was set aside for the construction of the country's largest exhibition, VDNH, north of Moscow. Prospect of the World - was to become one of the most beautiful, the most ceremonial streets. Projects of future houses were widely discussed, models were exhibited in showcases, the new street was written in newspapers and magazines. The builders of the street were prevented by the war, but soon after the Victory here again grew one after another elegant buildings.

On the tour you will learn and see:

The Temple of the Living Trinity in The Leafs, 

The Great Sukharev Square, 

houses on Peace Avenue: Baskets, Perlov, Merchant Dolgov, "Bruce's Sorcerer" 

The courtyard of the Diveevsky Monastery, 

Pharmacy garden.

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