Urania Museum

and the Great Star Hall


start point: г. Москва, ул.Садовая-Кудринская, д. 5, стр. 1  

5  hours

On a tour of the classical museum of Urania, we will get acquainted with the history of astronomy and studies of the surrounding world, see ancient and modern tools of knowledge of the starry sky, learn about unusual celestial phenomena, about the planets of the Solar human systems and space exploration. The museum is located on two floors. The first is devoted to the history of the Planetarium and the history of the development of tools and methods of cognition of the universe.

In the section dedicated to the history of the Planetarium, many photos, documents, books, equipment, which clearly demonstrate the events and facts from the history of the Moscow Planetarium from 1929 to the present day.

On the second floor of the Urania Museum, visitors are drawn to the world of celestial luminaries. There are large globes of the Earth, the Moon, Mars and Venus. 

Each planet is unique in its own way. Desert, silent Moon with dark seas, light continents and diverse craters. Red mysterious Mars with giant volcanoes, polar caps and endless labyrinths. Mysterious Venus without cloud cover with frozen streams of volcanic lava, high plateaus and whole mountain countries. Earth - the most picturesque of all - blue seas and oceans, blue rivers and lakes, golden deserts, green forests and mountains, snow-white snow and ice - the only living planet.

After the tour we will have a fascinating trip in the Great Star Hall of the Planetarium, where you can see the stars again on the largest dome of Europe. The dome-screen is 25 meters in diameter and the area is 1000 square meters. 

The hall is equipped with the latest developments in the field of projection technologies. In the center is installed the most perfect fiber optic projector of the latest generation "Universarium M9" of the legendary company "Karl Ceis Wife". 

It shows more than 9000 twinkling stars, accurately conveys an unforgettable picture of the starry sky, reproduces astronomical phenomena in the space of 10,000 years!

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Price: 5000 RUB