Panorama 360


start point: Moscow City  

3  hours

A tour of Europe's tallest observation deck in Moscow City on the 89th floor with a guide that will tell the story of the city, the business center, the site itself, as well as future plans for the development of Moscow City as a tourist center.

Also waiting for you:

- climb to the 89th floor at a speed of 8m/sec.;

- a photo on a limp with a view of Moscow City to each guest;

- visit a projection light show, which will introduce the history of Moscow and allow you to be in the center of bright events. The image created on the walls and floor of the site is as realistic and almost tangible as possible;

- Visit the Clean Line ice cream factory, where all guests will be able to see how the filling is made in a cup and try the ice cream without limiting the number of servings.

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Price: 5000 RUB