Inclusive beaches of the Baltic Sea

For people traveling in wheelchairs, relaxation at sea has probably become a real dream, which is not so easy to fulfill. There are accessible beaches for recreation, but they are somewhere abroad, and its cost may be far from the real financial possibilities of a person.

And what about the resort cities of Russia? Have you ever heard of accessible vacations in Kaliningrad? On the shores of the Baltic Sea?

Since 2014, the city government authorities and the regional public organization of disabled people “Ark” have created and implemented projects on the arrangement of beaches in the resort towns of the Kaliningrad region, which are now accessible for wheelchair users with disabilities. Such beaches are located: in Zelenogradsk, in Pionersky, in Jantarny, in Baltiysk.


 What are inclusive beaches?

Inclusive beaches are a comfortable vacation for you and your family, friends. This is an opportunity to swim in the warm sea, to sunbathe and energize for future achievements.

At the stage of creating the project, all the necessary requirements for a safe, comfortable and cozy rest for each guest of the beach in a wheelchair were taken into account.


Imagine how you come to one of the towns with an accessible beach, and you can get there by train, which you can use by lifting platforms at city railway stations. It is important to note that in Kaliningrad you can also order a social taxi for travel to the sea. On an unhindered approach to the shore, you go down to special wooden paths and thereby get to a full beach area. By the way, if you arrived by your car, do not doubt that near the shore you will find free parking for the disabled. The path to the inclusive beach can be found by signs.

What can be found and what to use on an inclusive beach?

There are changing cabins for visitors on all beaches, but you cannot get into the cabins, as they are located on the sand. On inclusive beaches there are individual houses in which you can change clothes, relax on a special sunbed, and, of course, leave your personal belongings.


 The inclusive beaches of the Baltic Sea are designed for 10 or more guests with their accompanying. At each such beach there are volunteers who are trained in all the necessary skills to assist people in wheelchairs. They will help you transfer to a sun lounger or beach stroller without any problems, and help you swim in the sea. If you travel, for example, with your child, you can worrylessly sit in the sand next to the accessible beach area and sunbathe, swim, while your child is already basking in a sun lounger under the supervision of volunteers.

 By the way, the sun loungers on an inclusive beach are very cool. They are soft with a high mattress. The frame of the sun loungers is made higher than ordinary sun loungers, that is why you sit on sun loungers from your wheelchair with comfort.

On inclusive beach, you can always hide from the sun thanks to the available tents and umbrellas.

Well, the most interesting and unique on inclusive beach is the opportunity to swim in special swimming strollers. There is a stroller for people with a neck injury. She is perfectly kept on the waves, large wheels easily overcome sand. And there is a stroller for people with spinal injury. For example, if you can swim on your own, then this stroller is for you. With the help of it you can get to the water, and after - to land from it right in the water and swim.



Especially for disabled children, soft large pillows for relaxing and swimming are great. And for adults, of course, too. If you can’t lie on an sun lounger for a long time, or there are features of the body shape, then you will be comfortable sitting on these pillows, they will take your body shape without losing any airiness.


 If you plan to stay in one of the towns with an inclusive beach, you can easily find affordable hotel rooms. And of course, you will find accessible cafes and shops.

Well, this is a cool vacation! You swim, sunbathe, and volunteers help you throughout your stay on the beach. And it's all free! You should be here, isn’t it? And do not listen to anyone if they will tell you that the weather in Kaliningrad is so-so, you should know that it’s not true, Kaliningrad has a great hot summer every year.

It is important to note that you can also enrich your vacation on the inclusive beaches of the Baltic Sea in Kaliningrad by visiting the accessible attractions of the city itself. It can be both museums and famous sites and cathedrals.

 If you, after reading this article, have decided to visit Kaliningrad, you can contact with the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization of Disabled People "Ark" to work out the tour route in detail, and to learn more about the accessible beaches on the sea ( Kaliningrad, Internatsionalnaya st., 11, phone 8-4012-71-30-71). Inclusive beaches operate all summer, from June 01 to August 31.

Make your trip unforgettable!