Feeling Paris

A blind girl-writer from Astrakhan dreamed of going to Paris to feel the city and write a story about it. We helped her make her wish come true: we found a suitable accommodation and volunteers who accompanied Dilyara throughout the trip.  Having returned home, Dilara wrote the story "Feeling Paris".  Here it is.

 While searching for a suitable tour, Dilyara faced misunderstanding and indifference.  Travel agents did not understand why a blind girl wanted to visit Paris if she wasn't able to see it. They offered her some trips to thermal waters, etc.  But Dilyara didn't give up and kept on looking for people who could help her.

 Eventually she was lucky to get a lot of help in AccessTravels Travel Club. Its members found a suitable hotel and accompanying persons for Dilyara in Paris.  Her son helped her buy tickets, get visa and make a travel program.  Dilyara's dream came true - she flew to France.

 Volunteers accompanied Dilyara everywhere. The volunteer Dmitry taught Dilyara to drink French wine with Lyonnaise sausage.  Together with Tatiana, she visited Versailles and Montmartre. Irina accompanied the tourist to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica and the Moulin Rouge cabaret, the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. But the main event for Dilyara was listening to an opera at the Grand Opera.

 Two weeks later, Dilyara returned to Russia, but maintained friendly relations with the volunteers and local residents. Nobody but Dilyara can tell better about her trip: “It was a great pleasure to get acquainted with Paris and talk to the Parisians. I am so much happy to continue communicating with you, you gave me wings, helped me not to fall to the end because I nearly lost hope. "