You know… 

Take a look at the photo ... Do you recognize your friend ? Yes , yes, you know him well, your bosom friend, let's say, a childhood friend who has been accompanying each of us from the cradle! This inner voice is our companion who keeps on saying - You are a failure, no , no, not today!   

Or he repeats - Look at the weather outside , are you still going to go out ?? Sometimes he reminds us a sort of an overcaring Polish mother protecting her innocent and unsure child . - How comes ? Are you flying to Kaliningrad ? But look how many transit stops there are on the way ? Do you know they may rob you , steal your luggage, break your scooter during transportation, lose your luggage, and thieves may steal your wallet and suitcase? - Only an idiot can fly to Paris being completely blind!   

“No no , don’t even think to go out alone, people will stare at you.”   

No , no, for the hundredth time he repeats you Brodsky’s poems - Don’t go out in the street because the street isn't France!   

Gremlin, or Saboter , Shaitan, or שדון( Shadon ) in Hebrew, and Shaitan in Arabic) No no friends, I haven't lost my mind and I don't read you an esoteric lecture! This is a pure psychology, my dear travelers . A long time ago, psychologists came to the convincing conclusion that a protective psychological mechanism has been living within us since the time of the Ancient Man which in ancient times saved us from fights with pterodactyls, but evolved after thousands of years. It became a kind of Gremlin, as the famous psychologist Rick Carson called it. He turned into the one who prevents us from moving forward , interferes with our growth and freedom, makes us lock ourselves in, and does not let us go beyond our four comfortable, protecting walls). Our friend is very cunning and smart, and always knows how to find the right argument and scare you. Why? Simple because he is with us, with all of us, without exception, from the moment we were born, and he has in his arsenal a complete archive of our failures and defeats, he always remembers everything, and in case of failure, he may make fun of you - I told you, ha ha , it won't work )). However, you get up , buy your ticket, and, despite this nasty inner voice, you depart for a far-away place, and your inner Gremlin vanishes away. Even if you had some troubles, it's OK. It's all over now. But now you are sitting in a warm chair by the fireplace and upload on Facebook the great photos from your first desperate trip. And Gremlin , well, what about Gremlin? He is silent, he has nothing to say, he is lost and wrinkled like an old sock)   

So how to deal with it ? Or maybe you don't need to deal with it , but just accept? There are many opinions , but psychologists say, "Notice it" . Understand where you are, an authentic, unique and original explorer of the seas, and where Gremlin is, a pathetic creature always repeating the same thing about failures, fears and defeats. He is strong in people with disabilities because there is something to play on. But forewarned is forearmed. Now we know that there is Gremlin but it’s not Me, it's it . That is, now we know how to do a separation. You can understand and learn how to deal with your Personal Gremlin even more by drawing it on a piece of paper and giving it a name) Let’s say my Gremlin's name is “Tedious Goblin" or "Beetle”, and what about your Goblin?   

Let's announce a drawing contest for the best Gremlin and his nickname. Let's laugh at our fears . By personalizing our personal Saboter Gremlin, we can clearly separate it from us. I can always observe and understand where he is and how he once again tries again to dissuade us from traveling dreams! “No , you have no money!” How will you live all the year ? - And what about the accessible environment ? And what if you won't be able to cope with steps)). "No, Gremlin!" we'll tell him. "Thanks for the advice, I respect you very much, but it would be better if you didn't waste your energy in vain and had some sleep) So, we are waiting for your drawings and names of your Gremlin. Every Gremlin has its own shape and name, but now it definitely won't prevent us from going to Machu Picchu )