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As promised, a little about wheelchair accessibility in the old City of Jerusalem.

The best way (in my opinion) to navigate through the bumpy maze of narrow alleys is with the Accessible JLM app.

Although ramps and railings were installed throughout the city, making it accessible, they are very steep. And with an uneven, Jerusalem-stone-covered surface, the ride isn't the smoothest. Whether you're a manual or a power chair user, bring help! It gets very crowded and overwhelming, especially on Saturdays.

We were lucky this time. It wasn't crowded and in only three hours, we were able to visit the Western Wall, Church of Holy Sepulchre, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, to roll through the colorful market alleys of the Muslim Quarter and the famous Cardo Street.

At the Church of Holy Sepulchre, a very steep ramp is installed to access the courtyard. At the church entrance, a portable ramp is available, as there is a high step down into the church. Unfortunately, we had to find and install it ourselves, as no one was at the entrance.

At the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, two portable ramps were installed by the guard to let me into the church.

The Western Wall area is smooth and accessible, with accessible restrooms close by.

If you arrive by private vehicle, I recommend to park close to the Jaffa gate. From there, you can explore on your own. At the tourist office next to the Jaffa gate, accessible map is available to help you with navigating.

If you happen to have an Israeli disabled parking permit, you can drive into the old city through the Jaffa gate and park inside the walls.

Another option is to arrive by the light rail.

Most importantly - bring water, something to cover up at the religious sites, patience (you will probably get lost a few times), and a good camera.

Has anyone been and stayed at Arthur Hotel - an Atlas Boutique Hotel (BOUTIQUE), Jerusalem, Israel? 

Can you let us know how accessible it was? 

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 It will be much appreciated if you could leave your review about the trip you made. Just go here to do it. Add your review now

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