WELCOME TO Saint Petersburg


A comprehensive concern for its citizens, especially the most vulnerable ones, is a good indicator of the level of development of a civilized society.  A society that cares about people with disabilities, ensuring accessibility of megalopolis services and cultural and mass leisure venues, is considered to be highly developed.

St. Petersburg is one of the Russian cities rightly called the cultural capital. Recently, the infrastructure of St. Petersburg has been actively developed according to the state program “Accessible Environment”. Due to the development in this area, not only medical and sanatorium-medical institutions, but also museums, exhibition halls, and historical sites of St. Petersburg are becoming accessible for disabled people.

More and more accessible parking places are being created for handicapped people. A lot of questions concerning a convenient access of persons with impaired mobility to the city buildings are solved so that they could feel more comfortable there.

Accessible Hotels for all in Saint Petersburg

There are hotels of various classes for tourists with disabilities in the city. They provide conditions for a comfortable stay of people in a wheelchair: convenient parking places in front of the hotel, wide entrances, spacious elevators, bathrooms equipped with handrails, emergency buttons in the rooms to call staff, etc. Wheelchair rentals are available in many hotels. Qualified doctors are at your service too.

Hotels are located both in the city center and in the quiet uptown. The city hotels "Azimut", "Orbita", "Lira", "Petro Sport", "Elizar Hotel", "Neptune", "Red Stars Hotel ", "Ibis", "Holiday Inn", "Prybaltyiskaya", "Nevsky Park Inn "," Pulkovskaya","Vera","Grand", "Europe ", "Radisson Royal" are ready to welcome people with disabilities. As a rule, all of them are located close to historic cultural sits with a beautiful view from the window or balcony.

Historic sites for tourists with disabilities

Since 2011, the famous “Hermitage” has been considered to be the most accessible museum of St. Petersburg. All its parts are wheelchair accessible thanks to ramps, wheelchair elevators, handrails, etc. Everything is adapted for a pleasant stay of people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments. Special routes with accessible elevators, wheelchair lifts, restrooms, shops, cafes, local telephone boxes have been developed.

Russian Museum is also accessible for visitors with disabilities. Owing to the implementation of the program “Museums without thresholds”, today, wheelchair users can enjoy the exhibits moving freely around the halls of the museum.

The project "St. Petersburg from the height of a bird’s flight for a person in a wheelchair" realized by the Orthodox Church "St. Isaac's Cathedral" gave wheelchair users a chance to admire a panoramic view of the city on the Neva River from the height of 37 meters. This opportunity is highly appreciated not only by tourists but also by the disabled city residents.

Urban transport 

Accessible for disabled people taxi and transfers in Saint Petersburg

To meet disabled people’s needs, the city is implementing an accessible transport program. More and more low-floor trolleybuses are appearing in the city. People in a wheelchair can use this type of transport without any obstacles.

The program "Talking City" has been launched for visually impaired people. The routes with the talking system are in great demand among people with poor eyesight.

Unfortunately, accessible public transport is available not in all the parts of St. Petersburg. But there are accessible taxis that help people with disabilities to get where they need. Specially equipped cars for wheelchair users and their accompanying persons are available in almost every taxi service. So, it will be convenient for tourists to use this type of transport, which will deliver them with comfort to the destination.

Despite some shortcomings of the services provided for people with disabilities, today, St. Petersburg is no doubt a civilized metropolis in which people of all social categories feel equally comfortable. The city administration is constantly working to improve conditions for people with disabilities to ensure their support and comfort.

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