WELCOME TO Singapore

Lion City, exotic Singapore, has attracted diverse but few tourists worldwide for decades. Singapore has not become a mass destination. For the best, this is for the best: its Asian-style tangled and slightly sinister secrets remain untouched, and nothing disturbs the atmosphere of enticing mystery.

And in addition, you can enjoy a beach holiday, albeit not too outstanding, but still enthusiastically follow the life of the world's largest group of orangutans, light upon Formula 1 and get dizzy from the crazy dance of smells sounds in the ethnic quarters of the city.

When is the best time to go

The advantage of Singapore is that you can come here at any time of the year - the temperature will always be summer (+25 ... + 34 ° C), and coolness is excluded even at night. The downside is that the heat is accompanied by humidity, reaching up to 90%, and showers. They go often, and in winter - very often. It is better to go from May to October.

The sun scorches here in April-May, and prolonged rains pour in November-January. February and September are considered the driest and most excellent, and they can be chosen for excursions.

You can swim all year round. The water temperature is almost equal to the air temperature: +25...+30 °C.

Beyond the sun and the sea

Many people think that Singapore is categorically not suitable for a beach holiday (after all, a port) - and therefore, they miss the opportunity to enjoy very decent beaches. But they are even in the capital itself, in the city's east. 

East Coast - the most popular and well-equipped, with a sandy surface, a gentle entry into the water, full of hawkers. Changi Beach, located near the airport, is less crowded, with less clear water, but is famous for stunning sunsets. The only thing that spoils it is the silhouettes of tankers on the horizon.

The most famous beaches are concentrated on Sentosa Island. Idyllic Palawan Beach with white sand, sprawling palm trees, and a peaceful atmosphere are ideal for children's families. Siloso Beach, along with bars and restaurants lined up in a row, will delight fans of the "movement". The main party center of the island is Tanjong Beach, which regularly gathers guests for noisy beach parties (by the way, it is within easy reach of the golf club of the same name).

The beaches of Singapore are municipal, admission is free, and renting a sunbed and umbrella will cost 20-30 SGD.

For solitude and a picture from advertising catalogs, they also go to the nearby islands - St. James, Lazarus, Kusu. True, the infrastructure there is worse than in the center.

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