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Despite being the city on seven hills seemingly inaccessible a priori: with lots of cobblestones, narrow sidewalks and other horror stories for wheelchairs, – Rome is not only old and hilly but full of surprises, perfectly adapted for everybody!

For example, in Trastevere Street, you can see all the varieties of cobblestones one can possibly find in Rome – charming, unique but uncomfortable, and sometimes nearly undoable not only for wheelchair users and elderly people but for ordinary pedestrians too. However, the best way to get to know the city is to walk on foot - slowly wandering (in a wheelchair or scooter) through narrow streets, accidentally getting into squares and streets unplanned for visiting. It’s well-known that spontaneity always turns out to be the main bonus for any travelling! Therefore, be sure to plan your trip in such a way as to protect yourself from any surprises. “Accesstravel” will help you with this.

Most of Rome’s popular attractions are accessible for the elderly, visually impaired people, and wheelchair users. You can easily visit the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, Galleria Borghese, Trevi Fountain. Do not miss the opportunity to see the Colosseum with your own eyes and visit it! Only the underground and upper levels are wheelchair inaccessible. The Pantheon is quite doable. Although its area is paved with cobblestones, they are quite smooth, so it won’t be difficult to move there, especially if you are in a mobility scooter. The Pantheon is accessible inside and everyone will be able to see its marble floor laid there during the reign of Emperor Hadrian around 120 A.D.

The Capitoline Museum is one of Rome's most accessible attractions. The museum is located on a hill, and to get there in a wheelchair you will need an assistant to push the wheelchair up the winding ramp or you can just order a taxi.

Palatine hill is not accessible because most of the hill is stairs and rough road with broken pavement. But are there real barriers for people with UNlimited abilities?!

Local cafes, restaurants, and shops are not always accessible, unfortunately. But this does not mean that you won’t be able to find the one you like. Rome is accessible, and you shouldn’t miss tasting excellent original Italian pasta, lasagna and tiramisu for a dessert!

Rome's public transportation is still not perfect, but there are many accessible buses marked with a disabled icon. You can use the services of either a regular or adapted taxi for transporting people with disabilities. Our company "Accesstravel" will be happy to advise you on any transfer you need. In Rome, you can rent various kinds of equipment for the disabled and the elderly: wheelchairs, mobility scooters, etc.

The company "Accesstravel" offers you a huge list of accessible hotels in Rome, for every taste and need. We will help you choose tours to Rome for disabled, elderly, visually impaired and blind people, we will help you find the guide just right for you. We will do it quickly and efficiently!

Rome is waiting for you!

Rome Accessible travel reviews

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