Summer brings out the radiance of New York even more. In the Big Apple, the splendor of the big city is complemented by the charm of the small town. Despite its iconic landmarks and towering skyscrapers, Gotham's distinctive neighborhoods and boroughs are infused with a vibrant culture. Summer brings out the city's best sights with rooftop restaurants, street festivals, river cruises, and skyline views. There will always be a "wow" moment just around the corner, whether you explore under the summer sun or sparkling city lights.

  Discover trendy cafes, iconic bakeries, and indie boutiques in the East Village and Brooklyn. You can also enjoy a memorable Broadway show or dine at the latest "it" restaurant after browsing the racks of Fifth Avenue's designer shops, admiring the collection at the MoMA or the Met.

Time Square's neon lights flicker at all hours as roaring taxis zip down busy blocks and pedestrians stroll past on their way to marquee galleries and trendy cocktail bars, all in the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Explore every enclave in New York, embrace every New York minute, and embrace every New York moment to create your own urban adventure. Before you leave the city that never sleeps, stop and look around - what's here today will transform into something even better tomorrow.

Visiting New York City at any time is a great idea. April to June are ideal months to visit (for pleasant weather) and September to early December (for cool weather). It is best to see between mid-January and the end of February if you want the best deal. Throughout the year, travelers have tons of bucket list experiences, whether you're looking to celebrate Christmas in the city or prefer warmer weather.

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