Nazareth! Sacred Nazareth is a must-see place for all the Christian pilgrims and fans of modern and unique architecture.

Nazareth became not only the home for Mary and Joseph but also the place where Jesus spent his childhood, where he grew up, admired outstanding views and was amazed at how the magnificent Universe created this wonderful world with its vines, space and incredibly interesting people living here! The dream of every pilgrim is to visit Nazareth and recharge with the energy emitted from literally every stone in the pavement of this small town.

The city is very hilly. So it’s better to move either by car or (for the elderly) by electric scooter, wheelchair users should use either an electric wheelchair or an electric wheel.

It is probably better to stay in Haifa which is a thirty minutes ride from Nazareth. You can also use an adapted taxi, here.

One day or even 4 hours is enough to feel the atmosphere of this sacred place and visit the Church of the Annunciation. Despite its really modern look and architectural style, this church is one of the most revered and visited Christian shrines. It was built on the site of St.Mary’s home where the archangel Gabriel had informed the future mother of the Son of God that she would have become the mother of the mission. There are many other churches in Nazareth but this one is unique. Just choose a good guide in our section of guides and you’ll learn the history of the temple’s construction, its legend. You’ll also learn more about Mary and Joseph’s house and Jesus’ childhood.

People who need a step-free entrance should go to the highest level (the highest entrance) of the Church, through the transport gate. A tourist bus can stop right in front of this gate. A small bus can drive you to the parking place behind the gate. There you can find a great ramp with a very convenient angle divided into several spans! There is also an accessible toilet and elevator to the lower levels. However the cave, lower level, and Mary’s grotto are inaccessible, which is only about 5 percent of the total space though. The church is beautiful inside and gives a feeling of some spiritual spaceship flying through the bustle to the heavenly pacification! The interior decoration and mosaic along with the endless arch rushing into space leave an unforgettable impression and helps to gain faith and aspiration to achieve new goals and discover the world!

On the steep way to the church, where you’ll need help or an electric scooter, you will find many cozy shops and street vendors selling souvenirs from the Holy Land, as well as various cafes and restaurants. Many of them are accessible, some are not. For example, a famous blogger in a wheelchair Corry Lee was advised to visit the restaurant called Caza Nova Restaurant with local Mediterranean cuisine, hummus, and falafel.

You can come here either on your own or with a guide, or as a member of an organized tour (link).

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