Multifaceted is the only word that can honestly describe Montreal. Adding 18th-century structures to a 21st-century skyline, this city represents the melding of old and new. A juxtaposition of the familiar sounds of English and French is evident in old-fashioned houses that now house funky fusion restaurants. Traditional French pastries and a distinctly sweet sesame seed bagel, Montreal-style, are on sale alongside rainbow flags and emblems from India, Portugal, and France. An elevator ride takes you several stories below ground level to discover another city hidden several stories beneath the surface.

Vieux-Montréal's cobblestone streets are the perfect place to start your exploration. In addition to world-class museums, there are bustling marketplaces to explore in this versatile city. The Boulevard Saint-Laurent is lined with breathtaking cathedrals and traditional French cafes where you can enjoy a cappuccino. Visit Parc du Mont-Royal for a hike or shop in the downtown area if history doesn't interest you. Don't underestimate Montreal's nightlife scene, especially in Rue St-Denis, which goes late into the night.

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