WELCOME TO Kaliningrad

The Russian city on the Baltic Sea coast with an amazing destiny and rich history will leave no one indifferent.
It is unique in that it has no borders with other regions of Russia, is adjacent only to Poland and Lithuania. Prussian kings, Teutonic knights, philosophers and scientists lived here at different times.
Such architecture as in the Kaliningrad region can not be found anywhere in Russia. There are old German mansions, castles, forts and fortresses, mill ponds, alleys and bridges paved with granite roads.
Today Kaliningrad - one of the greenest cities in Europe resembles a park with exotic plants - rakes, limes, red maples, sycamores, beeches, chestnuts, nut trees and gingko.
And there is pure iodized air, a lot of coniferous forests, among which there are sanatoriums offering treatment.
Majestic Cathedral, Museum of Solar Stone - amber, underwater secrets in the Museum of the World Ocean, zoo - one of the largest and oldest in Russia, white beaches, yachting, kayaking and just a cup of fragrant coffee in Fish village - all these pleasures in the region are also available to people with disabilities.
Being in the region, you can combine a holiday at sea with excursions, try Kenigsberg and Lithuanian cuisine, collect amber, feed with the hands of a wild boar and a fox in the Kursh Spit National Park.
To visit this historic city, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales about knights, is a cherished dream of many avid travelers.
And citizens of 52 countries can easily visit the Kaliningrad region by issuing an electronic visa https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/klgd_checkpoint.html on their own.
Arriving in Kaliningrad for business or on vacation, you will always find where to stay: hotels in Kaliningrad in European are neat, numerous and diverse - these are magnificent five-star, famous network: Ibis, Radisson, Holiday INN, Mercury, Mini-hotels with multiple rooms, guesthouses and hostels.
Each milestone of the city's history is reflected in architecture, culture, and the everyday life of its inhabitants - all this detail, brightly, colorfully tell the main and the most interesting and accessible to visit museums of the Kaliningrad region.
Amber Museum, Museum of the World Ocean, Cathedral, Fort 11, Herman Brachert Museum, Historical and Art Museum, etc.
Restaurants in Kaliningrad are a large selection of all kinds of dishes from different countries of the world. They brew their beer, and it is no worse than German.
We have compiled a list of 10 restaurants in the region that received the highest visitor ratings for food quality, high level of service, accessible environment and cozy atmosphere.
Hops, Tabasco, Veranda "Moscow-Berlin", Borsch and lard, Parmesan, Madame Boucher, Caucasus, Park House (Greengradsk), Las Promenades (Forest, Kursh Spit), Tunin Farm (P. Signamensk).
You can use the services of city buses, taxis and private companies involved in the transportation of people in wheelchairs.

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