Wine will help. There is no better place to drink fine wine than Bordeaux, the capital of the world's largest fine-wine region. 

It doesn't end there. Historically, the place has been associated with wine and colonial trade. Although it had grown a bit lackluster by the end of the 20th century, that isn't the case anymore. A magnificent focal point has been created along its banks, which were rescued from dereliction. In addition, Bordeaux has reclaimed its river, which provides the city with its running commentary, the powerfully idle Garonne. 

Triangle-d'Or's monumental center has also been renovated.

In one of the world's most important wine cities, all three are plentiful. There are 277,000 acres of vineyards, a river, football, and rugby to keep you entertained. Medieval St. Pierre district is abuzz with activity as residents seek food, drink, and other pleasures. It is also France's largest organic restaurant and has trams, rock bands, bike lanes, an urban farm, and walking trails.

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