Welcome to Antalya

 Antalya is a Mediterranean resort in Turkey, with wonderful climate, picturesque landscapes and sea. It’s perfectly adapted for the recreation of people with special needs.

 It’s easy to get from Antalya International Airport to your hotel because it is not difficult to book a transfer bus. You should do it in advance, and we are glad to help you with this.

 As in any resort, there is a huge number of hotels in Antalya, and it’s not always easy to choose a hotel that would fit your individual needs perfectly. We offer you a great opportunity to manage this problem for you. We will take care of all the organizational issues so that upon the arrival to the hotel you liked you wouldn’t encounter any “surprises” like narrow bathroom doors and other "wheelchair" troubles.

 Antalya is a beautiful city with a well-developed infrastructure which took into account the interests of all its guests, including both elderly and disabled people.

For the fans of independent routes it is worth noting that a public transport of Antalya is equipped with wheelchair spaces. All the buses have wheelchair ramps. Drivers are friendly and are always ready to help you if you need.

 Here one can rent various equipment including scooters and wheelchairs. But if a public transport is not for you, we will be happy to help you organize the availability of private transport or you can just use taxi services. The streets and sidewalks of Antalya are also accessible for both wheelchair users and visually impaired people – tactile markings are available everywhere.

What’s a holiday without sea and beach?! We’ve got wonderful news for the fans of a beach rest! The Konyaalt Beach has become accessible for people with disabilities since 2017. The beach is equipped with a special lift for lowering people into the water. There are wheelchair accessible paths to the sea as well. And another very important point is that there is an accessible locker room!

The rest in Turkey for people with disabilities is comfort and freedom of movement. And with "Accesstravels" it will become only better because we will save you from a lot of organizational troubles.

Antalya Accessible travel reviews